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Senior Prom ~ 2010

May 1, 2010
Bryant High School Senior Prom

Krista Koder & Dillon Crouse

Saturday, May 1, 2010 was the Bryant High School JR/SR Prom, it was held at the Little Rock Convention Center.  This was Krista and Dillon's SR Prom and the second prom that they were attending together.

To get Krista ready for the prom, started on Friday night.  W-E-L-L, actually much earlier than that!!  We started looking for a dress MONTHS before the prom.  We first looked at the dress shop in Conway where we bought her dress for her JR Prom.  She found one that she really liked, but wanted to look some more.  In March we went to Jacksonville and looked at First Impressions, and she found the one she wanted.  It was such a pretty watermellon color, but she worried that Dillon would not want to wear any shade of  "Pink".  But Dillon really came thru for her, he said he would and he looked GREAT!!  And she looked AWESOME in her dress!!

(post pics here)
So, to actually get ready for the prom, we started on Friday night by getting her nails done and a pedicure.

(post pics of decorating here)
Since Krista was on prom committee, we got up early Saturday and went to the convention center to decorate.  We had Jordan with us and of course she was a big help!!  LOL
Here is Jordan playing under the net.

(post pictures of Jordan)

Then at 2:00 we went to Ashlee Kathryn's and "had her hair did"!!  Ashlee, did a beautiful job for her JR Prom and I wasn't sure she could top what she had done last year....but she did!!

(post picture of hair)

Then off to Dillon's to meet up with the group..

Krista and Dillon at Dillons house.
Krista Koder

The group took off to the Clinton library to take pictures before the storm came.  On Friday we had severe storms, and lots of tornados that of course tore up several areas in the area.  Saturday it was predicted to do the samething all over again!!  IT DID NOT DISSAPOINT!!  It rained cats, dogs, bunnies, cows, and I am pretty sure I saw some pigs fly!!  Just kidding but let me tell poured on them!!

Titanic Moment
Dillon Rhodes and Krista

Krista and Dillon

Jamie Hoffmeister, Dillon Rhea, Ashley Suarez, Alex Hamby, Chantel McDonald, Clint O'Kelly, Riley Roberts, Daniel Tucker, Angie Bunch, Dillon Rhodes, Krista Koder, Dillon Crouse

Jamie & Krista
The traditional girls foot shot!
(note the little heart on Krista's's upside down so look's her tan line!!)

Shantel, Riley, Jamie, Krista, Angie, Dillon Rhodes, and Dillon Crouse
The guys were so jealous, they wanted in the foot shot too!!

Dillon Rhea, Clint O'Kelly, Alex,Hamby, Daniel Tucker, Dillon Rhodes, Dillon Crouse
So here they are...looking good guys!!

"The Guys" 
Dillon Rhea, Dillon Crouse
Clint O'Kelly, Alex Hamby, Daniel Tucker, Dillon Rhodes

Ashley, Shantel, Jamie, Krista, Riley, Angie
"The Girls"

The group left the Clinton Library and headed to Iriania's to eat.  While they were at the restaurant the storm arrived. 

Then off to the Statehouse Convention Center for the Prom!

Krista and Dillon checking in at the Prom!

Krista and Dillon headed off to the dance floor...


Krista & Alex                                          
Megan, Krista, and Dillon
Farrah & Krista                   
Dillon, Krista, Alex, Keaton

Senior Walk

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