Monday, April 26, 2010

National Honor Society Outstanding Member

Krista Koder

Sunday, April 25, 2010, The Bryant High School National Honor Society held a rededication ceremony for the NHS Seniors.  It was held in the student auditorium of GSFBC. 

Krista getting ready for the ceremony

They were awarded their gold tassels for graduation night, and various awards were given out.  Mr. Rutherford placed the gold tassels on each Seniors graduation cap.

Krista Koder
Krista was presented with the Outstanding Member award and a check for $500!!

We are all so excited for her, and she was so surprised because she had no idea that she was getting this award.  She was so funny when she handed me the envelope, she thought is was just a letter of recognition and when I opened it and told her it was a check she was shocked!!
Jared, Krista, Jordan and Jason

This is her and her brothers after the ceremony, dummy me, didn't check the memory card and it was full so I didn't get any pictures of her dad and I with her. 

Of course she had to have pics with her and her buddies!

Krista and McKenzie

Krista and Cara

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