Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jordan's Home and Has A New Haircut!!

Jordan and Delilah left on May 3, 2010 to go spend time in Paragould with Jordan's Grandma Frances, her Aunt Cindy and all of her cousins on her mom's side of the family.  Oh my Lord you would have thought you had cut my heart out!  I missed that baby so much and I actually cried because I missed her so much!  Delilah thinks we are all a bunch of babies because we are so emotional.  She totally doesn't get it when we cry...

They came back home on Tuesday May 11, 2010 and it seemed like they had been gone for months!

Here is what she looked like when she got home!!  Her mom cut her pretty long hair off :(.....I loved that long hair so much... BUT

...Isn't it so cute!!  Look how curly it is!!

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