Saturday, June 27, 2009

WOW How Time Fly's

WOW Jordan, I can't believe how the last 7 months have gone by so quickly, you are growing so fast! You are in your bouncy while I am posting...I have to figure out how to post a video, you are hiliarous bouncing up and down in that thing!!

Delilah, Jason & Jordan
Little Miss Jordan :)

These pictures are the most recent of you and how you are growing up right before our eyes!!...Speaking of eyes....just look at those eyes of yours! They are so beautiful :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vaca ~ 2009

Linda & Philip went with us to FLorida on vacation. We took Dillon Crouse (Krista's boyfriend) and took Senior pics of them at the National Seashore.

Vaca ~ 2009

Our summer 2009 vacation to Navarre Beach Florida. Bill & I brought Krista and Dillon Crouse to take Senior pictures on the beach, Uncle Philip and Aunt Linda came along too. Of course Uncle Philip is taking the pics for her!

Navarre was totally destroyed in 2005, by a hurricane and is slowly being rebuilt. This was the first day at the beach, Dillon and Krista found things to do away from the "parents", they played in the water,flew a kite, and Krista buried Dillon! :) Krista and Dillon ~ feet in the sand
Dillon Crouse

Krista & Dillon

Krista drawing in the sand

oooh the water is cold!!

Vaca ~ 2009

Dillon Crouse & Krista Koder ~ Navarre Beach Florida Summer 2009

Dillon flying the Blue Angels Kite
Krista & Dillon

Dillon sliding in the sand (looks like snow huh??)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend At The Lake~1

Our little sun goddess!!
Peepaw finally got the SeaDoo fixed so we could go to the lake. We spent the day at Lake DeGray on Sunday and Jordan LOVED LOVED the water...she kicked and kicked like she was really going somewhere!! :) This is Peepaw Bill and Jordan going for a ride.

Jordan and Nanna ~ Aren't we just so "cool" in our shades!

Jordan and Aunt Krista playing in the water, Jordan's little legs are kicking 90 to nothing under the water.

Jordan Koder ~ bathing beauty

Weekend At The Lake~2

A hard day at the lake will just wear a girl out! Actually this was after we had been there all of 30 minutes and was actually just naptime:)

Peepaw and Jordan chilling in the water!

Look at that girl swim ~ OH How she loved the water...

Two beautiful girls Aunt Krista and Jordan, this was actually taken on Sat. at Hurricane Lake Estates Waterfall

Jordan Lilah Koder ~ 6 1/2 months old