Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 9, 2010 ~ Mother's Day ~ Senior Recognition GSFBC

Mother's Day and Senior Recognition at GSFBC
May, 9, 2010

On Sunday, May 9 which was also Mother's Day, the church held Senior Sunday.  It started with a reception honoring all seniors and their parents.  It was held in the student auditorium and sandwiches, dips, cake, and a chocolate fountain was served in honor of the graduating seniors. 
Jason, Krista and Jared
Blenda and Krista

Woody Howell and Mary Bivens (Krista's mamaw)
Bonnie Koder (Grannie) and Bill

Krista and Jason
Jason, Jared and Shannon

Dillon Rhodes, Dillon Crouse, Krista  Koder, Stanley Oxner, Dillon Rhea, Alex Hamby, and Daniel Tucker (DT)

Lindsey Walker, Krista and Jordan Hefner


Dillon Rhea & Krista
Dillon Crouse & Krista

Chantel McDonald and Krista in sanctuary before service started. 

Krista at GSFBC ~ Senior Recognition

Seniors During Ceremony
Krista and Jake Clark

Stanley Riley and Krista
Connor & Krista
Krista and Jake Clark

"The Gang"
Jake Clark, Dillon Rhea, Connor Rayburn, Riley Roberts, Krista, Stanley Oxner, Daniel Tucker (DT), Todd Stone, Dillon Crouse 

Stanley and Krista
Krista and Chantel

Daniel Tucker & Krista
Krista and Dillon

Riley Roberts
Krista Koder

Riley Roberts
Krista Koder

UCA ~ Fall 2010
Krista Koder
Courtney Morgan

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