Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

My first Mother's Day as a "Nana"! Jordan is such a great baby...she just never fusses about anything. If she's wet or hungry she will let you know, but as soon as you start to change her, she stops crying and waits on you to change her. Bath time....she LOVES IT. I taught her to splash in the water today!

Mother's Day 2009

Delilah, Jordan, & Jason

Blenda, Krista, Shannon and Jared ~ lunch at Samauri Mother's Day 2009

Bill, Blenda & Krista at Samauri on Mother's Day for lunch. The entire family was together, and I love having all of my kids around me:)

Krista & Blenda

Mother's Day was wonderful...I had all my kids with me. We went to lunch at Samauri, the food was great, but most of all I was so happy to have everyone together!

Prom Hair

Krista found a couple of different designs that she liked in a bridal magazine. She took the pictures to Ashlee Kathryn and she combined them both to make this updo....It looked awesome!

More Prom 2009

Alex Harrell, Sara Jones & Krista Koder AKA "Dillon's Girls" as Dillon's mom put it:)

This photo of Krista and Dillon was actually taken at the Prom, while the others were taken at Dillon's house. Krista's hair was beautiful...I will post a pic of her hair next.

Prom 2009

Dillon Crouse & Krista Koder ready to go the the Prom their JR year. They went out to eat with a group of friends to Macaroni Grill then on to the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock for the prom!

Krista Koder Jr Prom ~ 2009
Krista and Dillon taking pictures at Dillon's House before heading to the prom!

Krista & Dillon Prom ~2009

Krista Koder & Dillon Crouse, have been dating for almost 2 years now. These are some of the pictures taken before the JR/SR Prom, May 9, 2009.