Monday, July 26, 2010

Graduation Party

Krista's Graduation Party
May 23, 2010

Well I am so far behind in my postings of our family stuff....but I am determined to get caught up!!  The Sunday after graduation, we had a graduation party for Krista.  We had a house full, even if all of the family wasn't here. 

As you can see the living room as small as it is was... FULL!!! Jared, Krista, Ryan, Shannon, Lauren, Linda, Mamaw, and Dillon in this picture.
Edye & Dillon....look at that behind them!  Could we not hve turned off the TV for a little while folks??

Krista opening her presents....cute laundry bag!!

Krista and Dillon....what a cheesy grin girl!

Oh look the TV is off!!!

M - O - N - E - Y!!!
That girl got over $1000....

OMG ! Russell and Edye got her a TV!
Yeah they spoil her too!!!

Dillon Crouse
Krista Koder
Seniors 2010

Dillon & Krista

Here are the folks that love her!!!:

Russell, Edye, Krista and Dillon

Jason, Jordan, Krista, Delilah

Ryan, Lauren & Krista

Tajuana Baker, Krista (Maurice had gone outside)

Jared,Shannon, Krista

Uncle Philip, Aunt Linda, Krista

Mike, Jessica, Krista

Mamaw, Krista

Can you believe it, I didn't even get a picture of me and her daddy with her!!!  UGH!!  Also, missed getting Stacy and Courtney Morgan's picture with Krista.

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