Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas 2009!!

I am really excited about Christmas this year!  Although, last Christmas we had Jordan (our 1st grandbaby) , she was only 4 weeks old.  This year, even if she doesn't know what is going on, it is just so much more fun with her!  From the day we put up the tree and she pointed at it as if to say..."Nana, Why do you have a tree in your house?" ... to watching her open her presents... it is just pure JOY!!  Her little eyes light up and just melt your heart!

Jordan ~ 13 months


Jason and Jordan

Krista and Dillon

Peepaw and Jordan

Jordan Lilah Koder
All this Christmas stuff just wears a girl out!!


Jared, Jordan, Jason

Peepaw and Jordan

I don't think that my family will ever really know how much that I love them!!

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  1. Isn't it just so magical?
    Kids just make it so much more fun.