Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday Sept 27,2009 ~ Estes Park Colorado

This was the view of our drive to Colorado Springs!  It is just so beautiful to see the snow covered mountains!

Bill & Blenda at the entrance to Estes Park, Colorado.  The mountain in the back of us has no snow on it!  It was the mountain on our right...The next picture take same day with a different view and of the mountain behind us (mountain on left) has snow on it!!

Here I am trying to play with the chipmunks...they wasn't to friendly the first day. Please ignore the date on the camera....not sure what happened but lost the date from yesterday to today....It is not really 1/1/2003!!

Here is the first Elk that I saw!  "Big Daddy" was smack in the middle of town!  He crossed the road and used his nose to open the gate of the ballfield and just went right in!  IGNORE DATE PLEASE!!!

"Big Daddy" on the soccer field...

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