Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jordan 9 months

Isn't this just too cute!! All of the picture in black and white except for the gold fish in color!! I LOVE IT!!
Jordan Lilah Koder 9 months
Jordan was so cute, she started out just looking at the fish thru the bowl, but it didn't take but a second for the action to start! The pictures tell the story, but I will give you the play by play so you will know what actually happened! :)
Jordan was pointing at the fish as if to say "Look there is a fish in there!!" (Notice the water leval of this picture and notice the water leval of the rest of the photos)
It is kind of hard to tell from these pictures, but the fish bowl W-A-S FULL of water...( the fourth picture shows the bowl full of water)...while Jordan was on her tummy she pulled the bowl over! Water, fish and all went everywhere, and Jordan's little outfit was soaked!! (You really can't tell from the rest of the photo's so that was good!) Her little hand went straight in the bowl and chased the fish round and round the bowl. It was just so cute! Aunt Krista, the photographer and I (Nana Blenda) laughed so hard at her! She really had a fun time with that fish....poor fish didn't know what was going on!!
You can just tell she was thinking..."OK...So I will try to catch him with my other hand!!
Has she given up???...NOPE...just a short rest before going back in for round two!! "Goodness...That little fish is FAST..I can't catch him"!

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